Amy Jensen


Grant Farrington

Our Story

How did we meet?

The blunt answer is we agreed on a time and place and both decided to go through with it.
The longer, better answer starts a few years prior to the two of them meeting for the first time when Amy and Grant decided to take a chance with online dating. They joined at different intervals and drifted in and out of serious involvement with the site until the springtime of 2014. Grant noticed Amy's profile (but didn't know her name at the time) and interested, sent her a message.

Grant came up with the totally original line, “What are your favorite spots in the city?” Amy saw right through the vague icebreaker and took a chance on Grant.

They exchanged a few messages through the website and felt enough of a spark to exchange phone numbers as well. More importantly, Amy felt confident that Grant wasn’t a crazy person or short.

Grant and Amy met for the first time in person at Nook, a café in San Francisco on Hyde Street, at approximately 9 o clock in the evening of Monday June 30th, 2014… and then went to fight club together. Actually, disregard that last part.

Reminiscing about this moment, Amy reflects that she must have really liked Grant because her normal bedtime back then was 9:30. Grant would start to brush his teeth around 2:30am.

The date went well enough that Amy actually gave Grant a ride home that night and they agreed to meet up again soon. Well, soon became three weeks because of scheduling conflicts but the connection was so strong that when Amy and Grant saw each other again they went on their 2nd and 3rd date in the same day.

Shortly thereafter, Grant met Maysie for the first time. She’s been living on his lap ever since.

After only nine months together, Amy and Grant decided to move into together. The conversation went something like, “Wanna move in together?” Yea! You?” Yea!” And that was that. They shared an apartment in San Francisco and then moved to Walnut Creek a year later.

Engagement Story

She said, “Yes.”

A little bit of backstory on that last sentence, Amy and Grant booked an AirBnB for Labor Day Weekend about a month prior as a chance to belatedly celebrate their three year anniversary together. Several days later, six light bulbs and a giant neon sign went off in Grant’s head when he realized something: He should propose to her that weekend. He set about contacting the ring salesman he and Amy had previously met with, scheduling a date to get the ring, even going so far as to take a half day off of work to sneak into San Francisco, all unbeknownst to Amy.

On the Friday of their departure to Lake Tahoe, Grant drove to San Francisco in the morning, purchased the ring and made it back to Walnut Creek during rush hour, fearful Amy would find out any second of what his intentions were.

The two had tentatively planned to go on an early morning hike the next day to beat the holiday crowds but actually getting up early on a Saturday morning is a whole other endeavor. When the 7:00am alarm went off, Grant (knowing what the day would hopefully bring) was up, alert and ready to embark towards the lake. Amy, looking to actually enjoy a weekend away, was comfortably sleeping and wanting more sleep. Grant promised coffee, and the possibility of adopting a stray dog as motivation to get up and hike which, as a half truth, worked well enough.

After a quick stop for breakfast at the grocery store, the two made it to the Eagle Lake trailhead with Grant checking jacket pocket no less than 30 times to make sure the ring was still there and Amy looking for dogs. Even as the temperature was warming up outside and the two were sweating from the hike, Grant politely declined to take his jacket off. “I’m actually cold,” he said, but really, he didn’t have any pockets in his shorts for the ring.

The two made their way to the lake and found a small, secluded trail to go explore. At one point, Grant started to unzip his jacket pocket to propose but Amy interjected, “Let’s keep going and check out those large rocks!” Grant quickly agreed to not arouse suspicion and re-zipped the jacket. After a quick breather, lying in the morning sun on a smooth rock face, the two tried to continue on but realized there wasn’t anything further to see and proceeded back to solid ground. Once they had their feet back on dirt, Grant told Amy exactly how he felt punctuated with:

“Amy Elizabeth Jensen, will you marry me?”

(30 seconds of happy laughter from Amy, then…)


After three years of dating, Grant proposed to Amy in Lake Tahoe on Saturday September 2nd, 2017 in the morning during a hike at Eagle Lake.

Now, Amy and Grant are beyond excited to spend the rest of their lives together as perma-newlyweds and are looking forward to you joining them on their special day.